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    2018年3月,在400名建筑同行專家參與的英國紐卡斯爾BIM Show活動中,廣聯達Cubicost斬獲BIMMY最佳創新解決方案獎以及最佳展位獎。





    數字孿生是本屆BIM Show 中較推崇的概念之一。Cubicost圖形算量(TAS)和機電算量(TME)產品的3D建模模擬技術完全迎合了當今國際市場的趨勢,而像Cubicost計價產品(TBQ)這樣的高效軟件也幫助廣大預算員節省了可觀的時間成本,令他們不費吹灰之力就能領跑數字建筑領域!



    “廣聯達英國戰隊在這兩天的BIM Show中收獲頗豐,我們不僅讓專業的BIM行業同仁了解到Cubicost算量和計價產品,還榮獲兩個獎項。未來,我們將在諸多線下活動,例如行業峰會中持續引燃Cubicost品牌的更多爆點,并同步在線上通過網課及營銷活動進一步擴大品牌影響力,拉動增長?!皬V聯達英國負責人Tom Young說道。



    BIM Show Live是英國全國范圍的高端BIM會議,每年舉辦一次,匯聚了來自全球BIM和數字建筑領域的英才共同參與。會議形式包含系列主題演講、主題論壇和互動研討會。今年的主要議題聚焦數字建筑和先進技術領域的最新動態,包羅萬象,包括人工智能和預測分析。

    Building on last year’s success, the Glodon UK team once again participated in the BIM Show live event at Newcastle, UK, in March 2018, and this time the team has captured BIMMY’s award of “Most Innovative Solution” & “Best Stand”.


    The UK team has adopted the theme #Digital Construction Hero to bring Cubicost Software value proposition closer to the heart of the audience. With various interactive initiatives such as retro video games, “estimating Lego bricks” competition, along with live software demo, not only it captured organic interest from the delegates, but it also made the brand stand out from the rest of the marketplace.


    Digital Twins is one of the more popular concepts in this edition of BIM Show Live, and our 3D takeoff modelling features from TAS & TME match the market needs neatly. The work efficiency of adopting software like TBQ also means they can save valuable time on current work while allowing them to flex their muscle in their digital construction journey.


    “It has been a fulfilling two days event for Glodon UK in regards on promoting Cubicost Takeoff & BQ software to the knowledgeable BIM crowd, and we will thrive to continue more engagement touchpoints such as offline events like this, and also online via our webinar programme and other sales & marketing initiative.” Tom Young, Deputy Managing Director of Glodon UK.


    BIM Show Live is a leading BIM conference that gathers for a series of keynotes, panel, and interactive seminar sessions from BIM and digital construction experts from across the globe. It addressed what is new in the world of digital construction and advanced technologies; from artificial intelligence to predictive data. Over 400 Delegates attended the 2-day event despite the heavy snows.